Hands like Poems

Now we're broken, supposed to be brave, but
The road that we've taken is washing away
Yeah, we're broken, but no one's to blame
Everything is changing but we are, we are the same
We owe it to ourselves to be better
In case the world's gonna give us nothing *1

How did we get so old and never notice?
How did we gain the world and lose the moment?
the cracks in our intent
We can't stop the water from rushing in
We can't stop the walls collapsing in
From rocks into reign and to ruin again
Rise and fall; the tide surrounds us
And drowns us all *2

Our vision of the future's getting blurred
Between the black and white
Naming every shade of grey has left us colourblind
So close your eyes, let the colours fly
And hide from the noise outside
We're colourblind from the black and white
But we've never burned so bright
It's weighing on my mind
Did we forget the way a diamond shatters light? *3

Pry the darkness from my eyes
Divided, let the light seep in
A thousand unfamiliars are lying thick on the air
And I can't breathe
Each breath rattles like dice in my chest
Each breath gambled, unwinding 'til death *4

Piling stones to guide the sea
To say we stopped the tide
But we, we never did, did we?
We built as only children know to build
We made a way where there’s a will
No slowing down or standing still
I took infinity from the sky
And I made it, I made it my own
Innocent and reckless *2

We are all for none and none for all
We are the sickness, and the symptom and the cure *3

'Cause nobody taught us
That it ain't weakness to open up and reach for help *1

If I'm bred for failure, just tell me once
'Cause I don't feel like I'm meant to just survive
If I have no future and it's already paying for the past
Just give me the pieces, so I can call them mine
If I'm born to falter and I've already fallen from your grace
Just give me the peace to prove that I'm alive
I don't care if I leave empty-handed
I will learn if I make my own mistakes
I don't care if you don't understand it
I will learn if you let me find my way
Just by killing time, we kill ourselves (My way)
Just by giving up, we give ourselves away
If I'm the bastard child of best intentions
If I'm the bitter voice of discontent
If I'm the broken hope of indecision
At least my futures in my hands *5

Don't look down
Even though they're looking down on you
The house you build on solid ground will be a home
In time, you'll see it
Your house is built on solid ground
You'll be just fine in time, just see it through
If only I could show your future, you would light up like the sun *6

* 1) No Man’s Land 2) Still water 3) Colorblind 4) A tale of outer suburbia 5) Blood lines 6) The house that you built

Hands Like Houses

Joseph Bailey

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