Poetry, the closest way to describing
The indescribable human condition!

  • Live Today

    Live Today as if it is a great day to die. Awaken in the morning by the gift of life being granted. Death was a moon lite night, Resurrected by the faith of completely letting go. Each night of death of the self as though a funeral attended of those past selves who died at …

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  • Hands like Poems

    Now we’re broken, supposed to be brave, but The road that we’ve taken is washing away Yeah, we’re broken, but no one’s to blame Everything is changing but we are, we are the same We owe it to ourselves to be better In case the world’s gonna give us nothing *1 How did we get …

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  • Child with Great Emotion

    There is a wise man always right his name is cricket. Lives every breath with righteous words that flow like a Spicket. Who are you to tell me what is right I’ll find out on my own. Too ignorant to face the truth I spend my time at home. Stuck in a house of my …

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  • Cloaked Nobility

    Silent in the territories of the unknown. Loquacious to silence of the peers. Humble when conversations stay in the shallows. Erudite without pompous statements. Mirror of the clichés. Past is the reverent to the present. Stories of the days with safety of the tales. Prediction of words as they are spoken. Keeps the spoken in …

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  • Still Motion

    Life occurs from perspectives. Arbitrary as the view of rain. From the window the pattern can be found. Absent from the tempest. Onlooking at the pattern that continues. Whether it slows or enrages. The pattern of movement appears still. Multitudes of drops but none seem to move. Still ness of the wind. Flows the water …

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  • Embers of Seduction

    Youth burns as though a fire. Contained by the elders who passed the torch. Bearer anew run with enthusiasm. With blind eyes of the gusts that take the flames as they go. Unknowing of the trials of the flame. Letting the beauty escape to the wind. Leaving the trails of essence behind. Gazing into the …

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