Embers of Seduction

Youth burns as though a fire.

Contained by the elders who passed the torch.

Bearer anew run with enthusiasm.

With blind eyes of the gusts that take the flames as they go.

Unknowing of the trials of the flame.

Letting the beauty escape to the wind.

Leaving the trails of essence behind.

Gazing into the distance but not afar.

Close enough to say I have traveled far.

Yet not enough to make the legs weary.

Laying the flame to it's rest.

To start a blaze to make the best.

Good intentions leave the path scorn.

Unknown to the one who triumphs.

Gazing at the beauty that dance before thee.

The land left behind black as the night.

Gazing forward wide eyed at seduction of fire.

Path ahead golden as the sun.

Slowing down only to tell other of the majesty.

Held so promptly in unaware hands.

Lost to the celebration of self.

Scampers forward with pride.

Not stopping to ponder the path behind.

Joseph Bailey

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