Live Today

Live Today as if it is a great day to die.
Awaken in the morning by the gift of life being granted.
Death was a moon lite night, Resurrected by the faith of completely letting go.
Each night of death of the self as though a funeral attended of those past selves who died at the end of each day.
Not dressed in black but dressed to live a full day unknowing of their death.
To celebrate the life lived, Rejoicing in the reverence of the company of such magnitude.
Unknowing of death the guest of your gallantry exists without the façade of fear.
Celebrate the arrival of the darkness to make the most of the present light.
Dancing an everlasting dance in bliss within a ball room without end.
Never aware of where it has begun and never knowing of where it will end.
The end of a dance such a silly worry to keep you from the beautiful dance in the present.
The symphony playing a melody that has always been, harmony that has long been and will long be.
No matter the vast space of guest across great plains the sound resonates to.
Always speaking, with only the guest needing to be present to listen.
Listening to the harmony all around glasses clinking, shoes tapping, instruments vibrating, voices rejoicing.
The vibrancy of life only treasured by the gift all have received at the entrance.

Joseph Bailey

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